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  • Patient Experiences

    Iris Rhodes, 80, was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's disease in July 2012. Cecil, her husband and carer, and Iris have agreed to take part in a Souvenaid Stories programme to share their experiences of living with early AD and taking Souvenaid.

    Iris Rhodes 80

  • Receive a free sample pack of Souvenaid®

    If your doctor has recommended that you try Souvenaid® and you would like to receive a free 2 x 125ml bottle sample pack containing both flavours, please call our sample orderline on 0800 093 3676. You will need the name of the healthcare professional you have spoken with.
  • Where can I get Souvenaid®?

    Souvenaid® is available as a once a day 125ml drink in two tasty flavours; strawberry and vanilla.  Both flavours are available in cases of 24 bottles (RRP £83.76), or in packs of 4 bottles (RRP £13.96).
    To purchase Souvenaid® now, or find your nearest local pharmacy
  • What is Souvenaid®?

    Souvenaid is an innovative product for the dietary management of early Alzheimer's disease and contains a unique combination of nutrients at levels difficult to achieve from diet alone.

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