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How can I sample Souvenaid®?

  • If your doctor has recommended that you try Souvenaid® and you would like to receive a free 2 x 125ml bottle sample pack containing both tasty flavours, (strawberry and vanilla), please call our sample orderline on 0800 093 3676. To do this you will need the name of the healthcare professional you have spoken with.

    Once you've tried a sample, if you would like to continue to take Souvenaid® you can buy cases containing 24 bottles online (£83.76 with free delivery) by clicking this link, or you can buy packs of 4 bottles (RRP £13.96) from your pharmacy.

    Souvenaid® must be recommended to you by your healthcare professional such as your own physician, dietitian or other qualified medical professional such as a pharmacist. Speak to your healthcare professional about Souvenaid® and they will discuss with you whether taking Souvenaid® is right for you.

    If your healthcare professional recommends you to take Souvenaid® you can either:

    • >Order a sample pack via our sample order line 0800 093 3676 
    • >Buy cases directly from us, containing 24 bottles (£83.96 with free delivery) by clicking this link.
    • Buy 4 bottles from your local pharmacist (RRP £13.96). Find your nearest stockist through 'Find my Pharmacy' map, by clicking this link.

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