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Caring for carers

You’re not alone

  • During the early stages of the disease share your concerns or worries with the person you are caring for. The more you learn about the condition together, the more prepared you will both be.

    It’s natural to have ups and downs. Some carers feel guilty or angry about the condition. Others may feel sad and isolated. It is important to remember that not all experiences of being a carer will be unhappy. Some families may even become closer as they share more time together to help care for a loved one.

    Most people turn to family, friends or neighbours for support. You may also find people are keen to help. There are many ways people can give you a break from caregiving ranging from housework or shopping, to sitting with the person you are caring for while you go out or by just being someone you can confide in and talk to.

    Many carers find meeting other carers or attending carer support groups an invaluable experience. Sometimes just knowing that what is happening to you has happened to others can make life easier.

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