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Daily living

Importance of routines

  • Some people find things are easier if they have a regular and particular way of doing them. A predictable and simple routine for meals, medication, exercising, bedtime, and other activities can all make daily life easier to manage. Simple things like doing things the same way and at the same time each day, leaving familiar objects and furniture in their usual place and clearing away clutter can help.

  • Reminders may be useful

  • The first sign of Alzheimer's disease is usually mild forgetfulness. People in the early stages of the disease often remember the past clearly but may forget recent events such as what day it is or what they did yesterday.

    They may also have trouble remembering the names of friends or everyday objects.

  • Sometimes little reminders can be useful:

    • Write things down - make lists of what you need to do
    • Decide on a place to keep important things like money, keys and glasses
    • Use your mobile phone or personal organiser as a diary and set reminder alarms
    • Put a reminder board on the wall to help you remember
    • Ask family or friends to remind you about things you need to do
    • Put written labels or pictures on everyday objects

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