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Daily living

Tips for planning activities

    • Exercise together

      Keeping physically active helps to improve mood and is something people living with Alzheimer’s disease can do with their caregivers and loved ones.* Activities such as walking and dancing are excellent exercise.

      * The amount of activity a person is able to do will vary so check with your healthcare professional before starting any new regime.

    • Stay involved in daily life

      Incorporate household activities and chores into the daily routine of the person you are caring for wherever possible – they will help the person living with Alzheimer’s disease feel valued and involved.

    • Consider time of day

      Are some daily activities easier at specific times of day, such as bathing and dressing in the morning?

    • Encourage creativity

      Painting, drawing or music can be important creative outlets and are activities a person living with Alzheimer’s disease can enjoy on their own or with their loved ones.

    • Continue to enjoy your hobbies

      Make hobbies such as gardening, cooking, or any other activity that the person living with Alzheimer’s disease enjoys part of the daily routine.

    • Keep activities flexible

      Be aware of any physical problems and keep skills and abilities in mind – does the person you are caring for get tired quickly or have difficulty concentrating?

    • Focus on enjoyment

      Consider likes and dislikes - do things that build on remaining skills and talents.

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