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Staying active

Why staying active matters

  • Early Alzheimer’s disease appears to affect certain parts of the brain but leaves other parts active and functioning. For example, while painting people living with Alzheimer’s disease may have difficulty copying images but they can continue to produce art using their remaining strengths such as colour and composition.

  • Some of the many benefits of creative activities may include:

    • An outlet for emotions

      When people with Alzheimer’s disease find it difficult to communicate how they feel activities such as art can allow them to express themselves without the need for words.

    • Sense of accomplishment

      Creative activity can be a very rewarding and a positive experience for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease because it allows them to use the skills that they still have.

    • Promoting relaxation

      Creative past-times such as looking at art or listening to music may help to relax and improve mood.

    • Bringing people together

      Creative activities are an ideal opportunity for a caregiver and a person living with Alzheimer’s disease to spend time together.

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