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Patient Experiences

Testimonial Quotes

  • Carer (Milton Keynes)

    Carer (Milton Keynes)

    Since taking Souvenaid®, Iris has taken over the meal planning again. We are both recommending Souvenaid® to everyone, especially people at the memory clinic.

  • Carer (Grimsby)

    Carer (Grimsby)

    More energy - more alert. In my opinion Souvenaid® is proving beneficial.

  • Carer (Dunfermline, Fife)

    Carer (Dunfermline, Fife)

    I think he is brighter, pays attention to television, hears and watches programmes all the way through. He joins in with conversations when the family visit. He informs me Souvenaid® cannot be improved, perfect. I just want to thank you for the pleasure Souvenaid® is giving my husband. He really looks forward to having his treat.

  • Patient (Ilford)

    Patient (Ilford)

    I enjoy the daily drink and feel it is helpful.

  • Patient (Cranbrook)

    Patient (Cranbrook)

    I find both flavours very nice and cannot decide which one I prefer.

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